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Spire Missouri Energywise

Spire Missouri can provide financing to owners of residential homes and small commercial buildings for the purchase and installation of heating and cooling systems.


  • Residential and Small Commercial Customers  
  • Applicant must own or be purchasing structure to receive financing
  • Installations can only be completed by members of Spire Natural Gas Contractor Program


  • Natural Gas Furnace with minimum 92% AFUE
  • Natural Gas Space Heating Boiler with minimum 90% AFUE
  • The above furnace or boiler plus a natural gas air conditioner or electric air conditioner with minimum 14 SEER. (as stated on AHRI certificate)
  • No financing of electric air conditioners without gas furnaces or boilers.
  • No financing of heat pumps


  • Maximum loan per home is $15,000
  • Interest rate 5.75% (This fixed rate is effective for all SPIRE loans on equipment installed in 2020 as evidenced by SPIRE’s receipt of a signed Contractor Completion Certificate dated from 1.1.20 through 12.31.20.) 
  • Seven-year maximum re-payment period
  • Monthly loan charges on SPIRE gas bill
  • Internal credit requirements for all applicants

For more information on how you can apply for EnergyWise Financing, call us at (314) 391-5900 or contact us here to set up a Free Consultation!